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25th July–



St Philip’s w St Etheldreda


Family Service

St Martin



St Nicholas Landwade

Wednesday 28th July


Holy Communion

St Mary’s, Newmarket




1st August – Trinity 9


Family Service

St Philip’s w St Etheldreda


Morning Prayer

St Martin



St Martin


Baptism of Rocco Holland

St Martin


PLEASE NOTE - owing to the small capacity of the building, booking is required for all services at St Philips with St Etheldreda - please contact Jennie Oakman (jenniferoakman@yahoo.com or 01638 668176).



Please remember:

David Pugh, Nicole Sparrow, Avril Cooper, Sue Howlett, Ann Quelch, Vera Browning, Richard Clarkson, Sarah B, The Semple family, Michael Colbourne, June Curtis, Rose Everett, and Bridget Gosney who have particularly requested prayer at this time 

For the families and friends of those who have died recently  - particularly the family of Betty Wigham.

For those who have been baptised recently: Rose Crozier and Naomi Cruikshank




IMPORTANT UPDATE ON PARISH COMMUNICATIONS As you will be aware, Cathy’s last WEN will be produced for Sunday 1st August. After that, we are going to need to change the system somewhat. Any information to be circulated/people requesting prayer etc after 27th July should be sent to me at john.pascall@outlook.com. I will then place those items on to the front page of the parish website (www.exningparishchurch.net) together with the services for the next two weeks. The contents of that page will be printed each week by Jenny King so that it is also available in church for people who do not have internet access. After 1-2 weeks, information will be moved to a tab on the website titled current/future events where it will remain until it has obviously expired. In parallel with this, in a new development Jenny King and Christine Pearce will be producing a monthly newletter. This will be available in the churches and, hopefully, in local businesses and will also be sent by email to anyone who would like to receive it; If you would like to could you please email Jenny King (patandjenking@btinternet.com). Please be patient with us as we work out how to develop this new system of communication. Thank you. John Pascall

ST MARTINS CHURCH OPENING - VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED  We will be opening the church every day starting on July 19th throughout the summer between 10am and 5pm (subject to any services taking place). I am looking for volunteers to help with this please. Thank you. John Pascall.

INFORMAL STUDY SESSION  On Saturday 24 July, 10 am - 12 noon at St Martin's, the Revd John Hardy is hosting an informal study session for those who are already involved in leading worship and prayers around the parish - at Sunday services at St Martin's or St Philip's & Etheldreda's, at Songs of Praise, Soundbites, and also in more intimate settings (including fellowship or house groups, for instance). The theme is 'Prayer in Worship', and my idea is for us, quite informally, to look at different ways of .leading intercessions - such a rich, diverse aspect of our corporate worship (indeed, our corporate life). This is, I know, something that Exning folks have done before 'back in the day'; but as our church services begin to open up again after the pandemic, it seems the right time to take stock and share some learning on an interesting and important subject. If you have resources that you habitually turn to when preparing to lead worship or intercessions (a favourite collection of prayers, say), it would be good if you could bring them along as examples of resources that are 'out there' - and I'll try to do the same. Canon Mark says he might look in or provide me with some advance input if he gets a moment. (It was his idea in the first place to hold something like this.) No booking required: just turn up at St Martin's on 24 July if you think you're someone for whom this event is intended. Many thanks, John

NEWS FROM ST MARY’S  Sacramental ministry: update. After careful deliberation (and the rector having consulted with the archdeacon of Sudbury), St Mary’s PCC have decided NOT to proceed with a definitive vote about the sacramental ministry of women in the autumn, nor will there be any such vote until further notice. It was agreed that the indicative vote of the congregation and electoral roll members on 1 July had sufficiently clarified the situation for the time being. The ‘fault lines’ within the St Mary’s family (if I may put it that way) were quite apparent for anyone who had eyes to see and ears to hear at the Open Forum (25 ‘for’, 9 ‘against). At the present time, it seems right for the PCC to acknowledge openly and honestly that there are considerable differences of opinion within the St Mary's church community on this crucial subject, without either brushing them away ‘under the carpet’ or needlessly polarising opinion by going to a formal vote in the near future (which would, inevitably, be the effect of a such a vote). ‘Good disagreement’ (‘live and let live’) is the appropriate note to sound right now. Deep differences can arise in any close community of Christians; the challenge at St Mary’s is how her people nonetheless continue to achieve a significant degree of ‘mutual flourishing’ without pretending we’re all ‘on the same page’ about the priestly and episcopal ministry of women in the church. As Church of England rules stand, a PCC vote on the questions polled on 1 July will eventually become necessary, in the event of a vacancy in the parish leadership (when the rector moves on/is moved on, dies, or retires), but not otherwise. The Revd John Hardy

PARISH VOICE AND EVENTS PLANNING MEETING St Martin’s Church, 7.45, Monday 23rd August.  Everyone welcome.  Please come along to advertise your event, offer help or just to find out what is planned in our parish/benefice for the coming months.  More information from Jenny King 578344.  We look forward to seeing you.

OUT AND ABOUT  Thank you all for your prayers for our first ‘Out and About’ on the 19th.  Please invite those who have not ventured much from their homes to our next meeting on Monday 26th July, (tomorrow if reading this on Sunday 25th).  Walk with them or meet them in the car park, so they don’t have to come by themselves.  2-4pm at Exning Community Church Hall.  For those of us who were there it was lovely to be at a table and talk with others in our community.  Sarah Price.  For more information please contact me on, 07762282103, or, sarahcprice@ntlworld.com

BOOK STALL  St Martins is offering space in the church porch to Sam Street, who runs the Book Kiosk at the corner of Chapel Street and Laceys Lane, which she does in a voluntary capacity. During the months the church is open this summer, free books will be on offer for people to browse and take away. Sam Street will curate the books and advertise it on her website as an extension of the Book Kiosk. The books will be Ex library stock or donated second-hand books on a wide variety of subjects. If you have been reviewing your books and have some you would like to pass on, please contact Jan Lovegrove 577292.

A big THANK YOU to all my Church Family for the  prayers, cards and messages I have received following my recent accident when I tripped over and broke my hip. I am making slow progress and it will take time to get better, but your concern has really helped me.  JUNE CURTIS








Priest in Charge

Revd John Hardy

21 Hamilton Road, Newmarket CB8 0NY

01638 660729

Parish Safeguarding Officer

John Pascall

6 Queens View, Exning CB8 7HR

01638 578372/ 07985 791524


Derek Bryant

139 Burwell Road, Exning CB8 7DU

01638 577581 / 07706 749611


John Pascall

6 Queens View, Exning CB8 7HR

01638 578372 / 07985 791524


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