Worship, Events & News Sheet (WEN)


Parish of Exning with Landwade

St Martin, Exning, St Philip w St Etheldreda, Newmarket, St Nicholas, Landwade



Church Services in Exning and North Newmarket (SMENN)

 20th June  – Trinity 3



Family Service

St Philip’s w St Etheldreda




St Martin


Wednesday 23rd June 2021



Holy Communion

St Mary’s, Newmarket






27th June – Trinity 4



Family Service

St Martin




St Philip’s w St Etheldreda




St Martin



Evening Service

St Nicholas, Landwade



Our Special Prayers

Ill or in need of comfort: David Pugh, Nicole Sparrow, Avril Cooper, Sue Howlett, Ann Quelch, Vera Browning, Richard Clarkson, Sarah B, The Semple family, Michael Colbourne

Recently departed:  Anita McKenna

Recently baptised:

Residents of Church Street, Exning & the congregation of St Mary’s Church, Newmarket

Areas of the UK experiencing surges of Covid variants; all who attended the G7 summit

Christian Eriksen, his family & team-mates as he recovers in hospital


Environmental Issues: A new report from the RSPB, using data compiled by the Natural History Museum, has been published ahead of the UK-hosted G7 Summit in Cornwall next month and shows the perilous state of nature in the UK. The UK is listed as the worst in the G7 for the amount of wildlife and wild spaces lost due to human activity, resulting in the UK being ranked twelfth worst of 240 countries and territories. The RSPB is calling on the Prime Minister to use his commitments to the international community as a catalyst for delivering urgent action at home, by working with the governments of the UK to halt and reverse wildlife declines and restore and expand spaces for nature.  https://www.rspb.org.uk/about-the-rspb/about-us/media-centre/press-releases/new-report-shows-the-uk-is-the-least-effective-g7-member-at-protecting-nature/

Prayer for Creation for June: Lord, grant us the wisdom to care for the earth and till it. Help us to act now for the good of future generations and all your creatures. Help us to become instruments of a new creation, Founded on the covenant of your love. - The Cry of the Earth Amen


Readings: Job 38.1-11, Psalm 107.1-3,23-32*, 2 Corinthians 6.1-13, Mark 4.35-41

Dates for your diary for week beginning June 20th









Topical Teas

Via Zoom; contact S Pascall



10.30am – 11.30am

Virtual Coffee Morning

Via Zoom; contact J Pascall



7.30pm – 9pm

Rock Solid

Exning Community Church Hall

LIVE STREAMING OF SERVICES ON YOUTUBE can also be accessed via telephone by dialling 03300 945 940, using room number 24456910 & PIN 7760  Service sheets plus YouTube link at https://www.stmarysandstagnesnewmarket.org.uk/service-times/

PETER DALE finishes his training period with us at the end of June. To say goodbye to him, there will be wine and cake after the 11 am service in 20th June. Please come along if you can. John Pascall

PARISH VOICE AND EVENTS PLANNING  ‘Following the later than anticipated lifting of lockdown restrictions, we are able to proceed with the planned Voice meeting on Monday 28th June, 7.45 p.m. IN ST MARTIN’S CHURCH (NOT ST P&E - due to Covid number restrictions).  Please observe social distancing rules and wear a mask.  Thank you.  Jenny King.’

THE DUCK RACES on the village stream will be held on SATURDAY 17 JULY (date to be confirmed)

THE SALE TRAIL will be held on SATURDAY 14 AUGUST. Contact for both events: Jan Lovegrove 577292

ST PHILIP’S SERVICES  You have to book every week .Jennie Oakman 01638

Service arrangements going forward  Please note that from July, as Covid-19 restrictions are (hopefully) lifted further, the clergy team will be live-streaming Sunday services twice a month only (until further notice): one Sunday a month from St Agnes’, one Sunday a month from St Mary’s (generally the third Sunday). Partly, this is to encourage personal attendance of church services; partly, it’s to free up the Revd Cheryl Belding a little, she being, at present, our only ‘driver of the bus’ (clergy shorthand for ‘manager of the livestream service’). Parishes around the deanery are making their own local decisions about what is best for their own particular circumstances. Which reminds me: if there is anyone out there who thinks they might be prepared to commit to learning about becoming a ‘Sunday bus driver’ in the future, please have a word with Cheryl or Fr John. Meanwhile, our renewed thanks go to Cheryl for delivering the online Sunday service so dependably, week in and week out over the past 18 months. She would like it to be known that the Wednesday evening online Chat Time and Compline (6.30-7.30 pm) will continue on a weekly basis from July.  John Hardy

WEN  After a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that I need to give up something as my work commitments increase. l will still be Treasurer to the PCC. After 8 years I feel it is time to pass on this job now to someone who can give it the time & attention it deserves. My last WEN will be for the 1st August; being prepared on Tuesday 27th July.  This is a call to those who may wish to pick up the gauntlet & run with it!  The task involves receiving emails through the week and preparing, printing & distributing the WEN to the churches.  Should you have any questions, please do get in touch with me or John Pascall.  Many thanks.  Cathy

MARK would like to thank everyone in the parish, and across SMENN, for their very kind good wishes for his new ministry as Interim Priest in Charge of the Claydon Benefice in the Gipping Valley Deanery (toward the Ipswich end of this Archdeaconry), and to thank those who ‘tuned in’ to the zoom licensing on May 24th. As previously intimated, there is to be a welcome service and party on Wednesday 22nd July 7pm at Barham Parish Church, for which maps are available, just a mile from junction 52 of the A14, 40 minutes from Exning. Please consider yourself warmly welcome. He would also like to thank everyone for last Sunday’s final services in the three churches of the parish, and particularly for cards, gifts, and refreshments after church. As he will be continuing to live in Exning Vicarage, commuting to Claydon, he is exploring, by way of thanks, the possibility of hosting a parish barbecue/garden party on a date and time yet to be agreed, but likely to

OUT AND ABOUT  Hopefully, Covid regulations allowing, we will be starting a new group called, ‘Out and About’ aimed at vulnerable people, in Exning, (and the Parish), who’ve been isolating for the last year.  We will start on Monday 21st June, from 2-4pm at ECCH.  Please pray as we look forward to starting this new venture.  We shall need 4-6 helpers every time.  No helper would need to come every time. Currently, I have booked 5 Monday afternoons from 21st June to 19th July.  This is to provide a safe place in which they can come and meet their friends over a cuppa tea or coffee. If you are able, and would like to be a part of this, please contact me, Sarah Price 07762282103 or sarahcprice@ntlworld.com

THEATRE TRIPS  I am pleased to announce the theatre trips are starting again and I have two shows booked at the moment.

Romeo and Juliet  30th September

Prince of Egypt  20th January

Both shows are matinee performances and we leave St Mary's Church at 9.00am returning from London approx. 5.30pm. Tickets are  £50 including coach and selling quickly.If you are interested please  contact me 01638 603489 email ramsayhelie@ntlworld.com Janet Ramsay-Helie

DEAR CHURCH, It has been a privilege to be on placement with you over the last year, thanks for having me! I confess I was a little unsure when I was first told that my placement would be 15 miles away in a village I had never heard of! But I am so grateful for my time with you, and you have made me (and my family when they could come) feel very welcome. Of course, it is easy to look back and consider what could have been without COVID but regardless my time worshipping with you has been such a blessing. I've been inspired by your hearts for God, for each other and for the community. Thank you for trusting me with your hopes, pains, frustrations, and stories. Coming from very low churches I have also learnt a lot about a more traditional style of worship, although I appreciate you may not think of yourselves as super traditional! Mark was such a generous supervisor to me, and he knows how grateful I am to him for being willing to take me on and share with me. My next placement (Hope Church Chesterton, Cambridge) is going to be less than 2 miles from our home and as a family we're excited to be able to go to the same church together. It will be very different and I'm sure there will be plenty of other things to learn. Whilst you may not see me, please know that I will be praying for you, that you will grow more and more into the church God is calling you to be. With the loss of Mark, a new season is ahead, and I trust that God will sustain you and surprise you. With love, Peter Dale, ordinand at Ridley Hall, Cambridge



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