Worship, Events & News Sheet (WEN)


Parish of Exning with Landwade

St Martin, Exning, St Philip w St Etheldreda, Newmarket, St Nicholas, Landwade



Church Services in Exning and North Newmarket (SMENN)

 11th July  – Trinity 6




St Philip’s w St Etheldreda



Family Communion

St Martin



Baptism of Rose Crozier

St Martin


Wednesday 14th July 2021



Holy Communion

St Mary’s, Newmarket






18th July – Trinity 7



Family Service

St Philip’s w St Etheldreda




St Martin



Baptism of Naomi Cruickshank

St Martin



Our Special Prayers

Ill or in need of comfort: David Pugh, Nicole Sparrow, Avril Cooper, Sue Howlett, Ann Quelch, Vera Browning, Richard Clarkson, Sarah B, The Semple family, Michael Colbourne, June Curtis, Rose Everett, Bridget Gosney

Recently departed: Betty Wigham

Recently baptised: Rose Crozier

Residents of Ducks Lane & Frogmore, Exning & Golder Miller Close, Newmarket

The Government & population of the UK as we head towards 19th July.

Families of the missing in the Miami building collapse.  Canadians enduring an unprecedented heatwave.

Environmental Issues: Arctic countries have pledged to fight global warming, which is happening three times faster in the northern reaches of the earth than elsewhere and to preserve peace in the region as its geopolitical importance increases. Accelerated global warming, untapped resources, new maritime routes opened up by retreating sea ice, and the future of local populations all topped the agenda … The warming climate has opened up the Arctic for shipping, fishing, drilling and mining, and China, an observer to the Council, has made no secret of its interest in the vast territory rich in natural resources and where retreating sea ice has opened up new maritime routes. Meanwhile, Russia has beefed up its military presence in the Arctic – reopening and modernising bases abandoned since the Soviet Union collapsed – and the United States has stepped up naval exercises.

Prayer for Creation for July: Merciful God, we believe that you uphold and sustain all that you have made, while also lovingly giving us the freedom to live in relationship with the rest of creation. We ask your forgiveness for the ways we have abused that freedom, through what we have done and what we have left undone. We bring our lament and our longing for a renewed earth to you now: (prayer from Christian Climate Action’s prayer for climate grief) Amen

Readings: Amos 7.7-15; Psalm 85.8-13; Ephesians 1.3-14; Mark 6.14-29       



Dates for your diary for week beginning July 11th









Topical Teas

Via Zoom; contact S Pascall



10.30am – 11.30am

Last Virtual Coffee Morning

Via Zoom; contact J Pascall

LIVE STREAMING OF SERVICES ON YOUTUBE can also be accessed via telephone by dialling 03300 945 940, using room number 24456910 & PIN 7760  Service sheets plus YouTube link at https://www.stmarysandstagnesnewmarket.org.uk/service-times/

COFFEE MORNING by Zoom. Thursday 15th July will be the last of these. Thank you to those of you who have been coming along and hope you have found it worthwhile. Now for real coffee talking to real people!! Sally and John Pascall

THE SALE TRAIL will be held on SATURDAY 14 AUGUST. Contact for both events: Jan Lovegrove 577292

ST PHILIP’S SERVICES  You have to book every week .Jennie Oakman 01638 668176.

ROCK SOLID UPDATE We have stopped running Rock Solid. We plan to pray and decide what we’ll do in the Autumn. Many thanks. Sarah

WEN  After a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that I need to give up something as my work commitments increase. l will still be Treasurer to the PCC. After 8 years I feel it is time to pass on this job now to someone who can give it the time & attention it deserves. My last WEN will be for the 1st August; being prepared on Tuesday 27th July.  This is a call to those who may wish to pick up the gauntlet & run with it!  The task involves receiving emails through the week and preparing, printing & distributing the WEN to the churches.  Should you have any questions, please do get in touch with me or John Pascall.  Many thanks.  Cathy

OUT AND ABOUT  ‘Out and About’ will definitely not be running on 28th June. It is very unlikely to start before the lifting of all restrictions – hopefully, 19th July. Sarah Price 07762282103 or sarahcprice@ntlworld.com

DUCK RACES & VOICE MEETING  Unfortunately due the Government’s COVID restrictions being extended until July 19th, the Duck Race will be unable to take place this year. It is disappointing but as it’s a public event which attracts a lot of people, it is not possible to conform to the guidelines. The Voice meeting, which was to take place on June 28th, has also been postponed until further notice. We will resume activities as soon as it is possible. Jenny King and Jan Lovegrove

BOOK STALL  St Martins is offering space in the church porch to Sam Street, who runs the Book Kiosk at the corner of Chapel Street and Laceys Lane, which she does in a voluntary capacity. During the months the church is open this summer, free books will be on offer for people to browse and take away. Sam Street will curate the books and advertise it on her website as an extension of the Book Kiosk. The books will be Ex library stock or donated second-hand books on a wide variety of subjects. If you have been reviewing your books and have some you would like to pass on, please contact Jan Lovegrove 577292.

INFORMAL STUDY SESSION  On Saturday 24 July, 10 am - 12 noon at St Martin's, the Revd John Hardy is hosting an informal study session for those who are already involved in leading worship and prayers around the parish - at Sunday services at St Martin's or St Philip's & Etheldreda's, at Songs of Praise, Soundbites, and also in more intimate settings (including fellowship or house groups, for instance). The theme is 'Prayer in Worship', and my idea is for us, quite informally, to look at different ways of .leading intercessions - such a rich, diverse aspect of our corporate worship (indeed, our corporate life). This is, I know, something that Exning folks have done before 'back in the day'; but as our church services begin to open up again after the pandemic, it seems the right time to take stock and share some learning on an interesting and important subject. If you have resources that you habitually turn to when preparing to lead worship or intercessions (a favourite collection of prayers, say), it would be good if you could bring them along as examples of resources that are 'out there' - and I'll try to do the same. Canon Mark says he might look in or provide me with some advance input if he gets a moment. (It was his idea in the first place to hold something like this.) No booking required: just turn up at St Martin's on 24 July if you think you're someone for whom this event is intended. Many thanks, John