PCC MEETING  Monday 7th September 2020. St Martin’s Church. 7.45pm.

Annual Vestry & Parochial Church Meeting (APCM, aka AGM) is planned for Monday 19th October 7.30pm; again in St Martin’s in case ECCH is not possible.



ELDERS’ RE-COMMISSIONING SERVICE St Martin’s Sunday 1st November; 11am.  The re-commissioning ceremony will take place during a service of Holy Communion.  Revd John Hardy

ALL SOULS SERVICE  The service will be held at St Martin's Exning at 3pm on 1 November. This service is not only an outreach to those who have lost loved ones during the year, but also an opportunity for all of us to remember our own loved ones who now worship on another shore. If you would like to have a loved one remembered during the service, please add their name to the list at the back of the church.  The Ministry Team

ALTAR FRONTAL DEDICATION  The dedication of a new altar frontal in memory of Fiona Browning will take place at the 11am service on Sunday 18th October. It would be nice to have a good congregation. Thanks, Gill


Socialising in church  Over the past few weeks it has become noticeable that more people are remaining to chat in the church rather than leaving at the end of the service. Unfortunately under government COVID guidelines this is not permitted. So unless you are involved in tidying up, could you please leave immediately the service is finished. Thank you. John Pascall

PCC Secretary At a meeting of the PCC immediately after the APCM on the 19th, the PCC have to select people to be PCC treasurer and secretary for the next year. Whilst Cathy Whitaker has kindly agreed to continue in post as treasurer if the PCC want her to, there is a hole to fill as PCC secretary. Is this a role you might feel called to? If you feel it may be, please speak to one of the clergy or me. Thank you. John Pascall

ROUTINE  ‘Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit’ (Romans 5:3-5). Endurance or perhaps Vigilance, stretched to perhaps imply ‘watching out for each other’, are watchwords for the coming Covid-aware months. We will do this better if we have routine in our lives, and happily The Church has known this for a long time. Perhaps now is a good moment to again commend the discipline of daily prayer and Bible reading…..saying Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and/or Night Prayer (Compline) which are all freely downloadable from the CofE’s Daily Prayer App, or by acquiring a hard copy of the red-bound Common Worship (CW) Daily Prayer . As the clergy (inter alia) know, it’s a wonderful way of framing your day with God, and lifting your eyes from yet more news. A versicle from Compline …’As the watchman looks for the morning, so do we look for you O God’. Some of you may be joining with Bishop Martin Monday-Friday at 8.30am from his garden Oratory (prayer room) in Ipswich, along with up to 70-80 others, while others may be logging onto other live- steaming from the Cathedral or elsewhere, and some of you may be simply saying your prayers in your own way, using the Book of Common Prayer, Bible Reading Fellowship notes, Daily Bread or other. So, simply to say, if anyone needs help with ‘how-to’ , or needs help sourcing the lectionary or other materials, please just ask! Every blessing.  Revd Canon Mark Haworth

A big THANK YOU to Test & Eval via Colin & Judy McCarty for very kindly supplying me with a WebCam to help me improve and develop on-line ministry. They have both been very encouraging and supportive of this unexpected line of ministry, which as we know is growing across the country. Also positively encouraged by the Bishops. This camera means I can try new things and I ask for your patience with this new development. I also ask for any suggestions or ideas you may have to grow the content. Next Sunday it is hoped that the Service from St. Martins will be life streamed. Please note on-line watchers that means the Service will be on-line from 10.45am and the service starting at 11am. The telephone line will also be available at the beginning of the service. Cheryl

WELCOME  We are pleased to welcome Peter Dale an ordinand from Ridley Hall, who will be on placement with us at Exning w. Landwade. Peter will be required to reflect on his experiences as part of his academic work. The work will be marked and seen only by examiners. All names and identifying details will be changed. If you have concerns about this, please contact Canon Mark.


HELLO  It is a pleasure to be joining you at Exning for my attachment (placement). I'm looking forward to learning from all of you and worshipping alongside you as we journey together. One of the prayers I like to pray is "God please will you surprise me" and I pray that God will surprise us over the next year. I have one wife, one son and another son on the way. My wife, Rachel, is a clinical scientist working in Addenbrookes Hospital. Our son, Simeon, is a wonderful 2-year-old with a passion for diggers, sweetcorn and pretty much anything else that is yellow! In September we moved to Milton from Colchester where we had been living for 6 years. For the majority of our time there I was working for a Christian charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people. We provided a drop-in centre and I was also the pastor of a "fresh expression" of church for those who came to the drop-in centre during the week. It was a very earthy ministry filled with great highs and lows. We saw many people become Christians, some of our congregation were murdered, we saw people get housed and people become homeless, we saw people get clean of drugs, we saw people die from overdoses, we baptised people and we cried with people... I'm really interested in how we can help connect with un-churched people. I'm now studying for ordination at Ridley Hall which is such a privilege and a bit overwhelming. Please come and say hi, I'd love to hear your story!  Peter Dale

ANNUAL MEETING ELECTIONS  Application forms for nominations as churchwarden (2 posts), deanery synod reps (2), PCC members (4), pro-wardens for St Philips and St Etheldreda (2) and deputy church wardens for St Martins (2) are now available at the back of St Martins Church. As St P and E is currently still closed, if anyone from that end of the parish wishes to make nominations they can either email me ( to request that I send them a relevant file to print out or alternatively, apart from for the post of churchwarden, nominations can be made at the annual meeting. Please give completed application forms to me. Thank you. John Pascall

HARVEST AT ST MARTIN  Thank you to Tony Fuller of the Allotment Society for donating flowers and to Christine Pearce for help with flower arranging. Church donations in lieu of produce to the Open Door foodbank amounted to £150.00    Thanks to all.  Gill Nicholson

MBC “Singing for Fun in Lockdown”  The next session, on Wednesday October 21st at 8pm for about an hour, will be a selection of "Songs with Body Parts!". We're back to a eclectic mix so there’s something for everyone. Artists may include Art Garfunkel, Beatles, Bernard Bresslaw, BJ Thomas, Crystal Gayle, Eagles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Max Bygraves, Noel Harrison, Platters. Sheena Easton, Survivor, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson and some Traditional songs. The evening will be hosted on Zoom using acoustic guitars. For details of how to join the evening see and contact me for the password. John Saville

MESSAGE FROM REVD HARDY  Just to bring you up to date with the outcome of the SMENN working group meeting on Tuesday 29 September (Feast of Michaelmas), I need to let you know that the discussion indicated a present need - before we go any further down the road towards benefice unification - for further reflection at St Mary's (both at PCC and at congregational level) on the whole subject of women's priestly ministry, given that, as things stand, a future incumbent of a united benefice (or team ministry) made up of our respective parishes might very well be female. This possibility is a matter of genuine concern to a number of congregants at St Mary's (although not necessarily a majority), and must, therefore, be given proper weight and consideration, according to the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests (2014) and their Five Guiding Principles of the Mutual Flourishing of Ministries within the Church of England. As the archdeacon of Sudbury remarked at the meeting, there is now a formal process to be gone through (by St Mary's, and in particular by St Mary's PCC); further details of which will be publicised in due course. I can tell you now that the substantive discussions about this crucial issue won't take place at St Mary's until after Christmas, and I do not expect any decision to be made until March or April 2021. However, even if the formalities of the 'marriage' of our benefices (to keep the archdeacon's favourite image) are now on 'hold' until further notice, that is no reason to discontinue our very successful, informal 'engagement', which has seen all sorts of good things happen, to the wider benefit of our common life around the SMENN parishes over last couple years (and more), as was explicitly made clear in the various positive responses I received to the 'Appreciative Enquiry' questionnaire which I circulated to PCC members some three months back. I hope and pray, therefore, that we will be able to carry on collaborating and enjoying each other's company as long as possible, whatever decision St Mary's congregation and her PCC may reach after mature deliberation around the following question: does my/our theological conviction lead us to seek the priestly (or episcopal) ministry of men and women equally, or of men only? Undeniably, though, the extent to which that will be the case 'going forward' (as they say) will, in part, depend on which way St Mary's decides to answer, the question. And that applies whether or not my successor as incumbent and/or priest-in-charge is a woman (but especially if she is a woman) - whenever that time may come (and I must point out I'm not planning to leave Newmarket/Exning anytime soon). In other words, this is a decision with implications for our life together in the parishes of North Newmarket and Exning. But I fully recognise that it is one that must be taken properly and formally, on grounds of conscience - the consciences of those individuals within our church community who cannot accept, on theological grounds, the priestly ministry of women: they are owed that courtesy. I realise that, depending on your point of view, this communication will come as a bit of a shock - to some, though to others of you it will not seem so surprising. Be that as it may, and speaking as 'head of the household', I'm sure that it's better for our family members to be absolutely open and honest about their scruples at this stage, in order to clear the ground for progressing the amalgamation plan, rather than jeopardise it when we are far advanced in working out the details. We can't agree the finer workings of our ongoing relationship as benefices before we've agreed the principles on which it is to be based. Yours sincerely,  John Hardy


ALTAR FRONTAL DEDICATION  The dedication of a new altar frontal in memory of Fiona Browning will take place at the 11am service on Sunday 18th October. It would be nice to have a good congregation. Thanks, Gill


OFFERINGS TO THE CHURCH VIA STANDING ORDER . Here are the details if you would like to set up a regular payment through your bank to the parish. If you wish to gift aid your payments, please let me know & I will send a gift aid statement to you if you haven’t already done one.

Account Number: 44358318

Sort Code: 60-15-47

Account Name: Exning PCC

Please put your name as reference


A NOTICE FROM TONY WHITE: NEWMARKET FOODBANK  Thankfully we are doing pretty well for donations at present - but there are some shortages: Small jars instant coffee; Small packs of 'normal' tea; Small packs of sugar; Small washing powder; Custard; Tinned rice pudding; Pot noodles and similar; Ketchup and brown sauce.  We now have plenty of milk, including whole milk, for the time being. We also have plenty of pasta, baked beans. Thank you for your continued support. TONY WHITE


Environmental Issues: The UN has revealed that 14 of the 20 goals set in 2010 to halt the accelerating decline of nature have not been met and is urging governments, businesses and individuals to accelerate habitat and biodiversity restoration. According to the body’s fifth Global Biodiversity Outlook report, just 2% of the world’s terrestrial habitat which is degraded and would benefit from restoration is currently receiving such attention. This is in spite of the fact that more than one million species are classified as ‘at risk’ of extinction, and that the risks of nature loss to society, the economy and efforts to halt climate change have been quantified. The report outlines, in detail, eight major transitions away from “business-as-usual” models which the UN believes must be made if the world is to align with its forthcoming ‘Paris-style’ agreement on preventing Earth’s sixth mass extinction.

Prayer for Creation for October: Lord Jesus, you have called us to be your witnesses on earth. Help us to proclaim, by word and deed, the message of your love to all humankind, and to declare your lordship over creation and our responsibility as your stewards. Amen